EnergyLogistics-2020: Registration is open

The first conference “EnergyLogistics: Logistic Aspects of Modernization of Power Generation Facilities in Russia” will be held in Moscow at the President Hotel on May 13, 2020.

In 2019, after long discussions, the Russian government launched a large-scale program for the modernization of the thermal power industry. Over the next 10 years, 39 GW of power capacities with a total cost of almost 2 trillion roubles (about 29 billion euros) will be modernized. In the Far East, diesel generation can be replaced with a new one using renewable energy sources. Power generating companies have already been implementing projects for the modernization of their facilities and planning new ones.

These events will have a significant impact on the freight transportation market in the power industry and will become a driver of its growth in the coming years.

At the conference that will be held in May we will discuss features of power generating industry modernization and its logistic aspects, as well as consider Russian and world experience in implementing complex projects for the delivery of equipment for power plants.

The following topics are included in the conference program:

  • Power generating industry modernization program: logistic issues
  • Cases of Russian and European companies for the transportation of equipment for power plants
  • Safe transportation of generation equipment: probable risks and means to reduce them
  • Specifics, solutions and technologies of electric power industry equipment transportation
  • Non-governmental modernization: large private projects in the field of electric power industry modernization
Power generating companies, logistics experts, freight carriers, equipment vendors, and companies from related industries are invited to participate in the conference.

We want to invite you to take part in EnergyLogistics conference and become a participant in the dialogue of professionals in the area of energy and logistics!

You can register for the conference EnergyLogistics on the event website by clicking on "Register", by e-mail or through the Organizing Committee by phones: +7 (495) 646-01-51, +7 (812) 448-08-48.
See you at the conference "EnergyLogistics"!
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